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About me:Blogger-Abdusalam Mustafa Shlebak
I was born on October 23rd 1971 in the suburbs of Tripoli city in Libya, exactly in a Janzour district
 in Al-Mshashta. Six months post birth; I got a very high fever that I ended up getting polio. When I was six months old, on 1976,  I traveled to Belgrade to start my treatment journey. In addition, I started studying in primary school in one of the treating facilities in Serbia. The treatment lasted for six years in a row. After that, I came back home in 1983 and I stayed in Libya for almost a year then I went to Vienna, the capital of Austria, for treatment again which lasted for about six months. Eventually, I came back home and I couldn’t attend school because buildings were not prepped for people with disabilities; also, public transportation wasn’t available at that time. The society’s acceptance for people with disabilities was negative too. So, I decided to use what I had at that time and learn from educational programs on TV such as Open Sesame (the Arabic version), and other documentaries with the help of my family.

 As I began to surf the internet, in particular, I first discovered BBC website, Arabia.com, and yahoo. Throughout the service that was given by a website called Geosets, I managed to design my first website on 2004, under the name “Janzour My Home” through the free hosting feature by fiftymega.com. In addition, I supervised so many Libyan forums websites on 2006 such as Shabab Libya Forum, programs section in Oia forum then I moved to international websites like YouTube and I opened my channel and every month, I would add a video that I completely design by myself on my channel “Janzour Com” until I had a total of 70 videos. On 2007, I decided to sign up on Facebook and at that time, the number of users among Libyans wasn’t a lot. Also, I signed up on Twitter on 2009.

 The first official website I designed was Tripoli’s club for people with disabilities on 2007 then I joined the Libyan Paralympics media committee office in early January on 2008 as an official member and website designer for the office. I also joined the Special Libyan Olympics media office in the same period. In April from the same year, both websites were launched on many pages on Facebook like General Authority of Social Solidarity Fund, the Libyan Paralympics committee, Special Libyan Olympics, Libyan Society for Mental Health, etc.

 I started blogging on 2009 through absily.wordpress.com/ blog. The majority of my blog posts discuss matters about people with disabilities rights and my experiences when I travel abroad. My blog has a personal aspect because I want to deliver a message through my posts particularly about people with disabilities rights in Libya and the world. In conclusion, technology has shaped my life and changed it to the better. Moreover, it enabled me to make my voice heard worldwide.My motto in life is “to be or not to be”.,

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