Enabled by Design 2014: Designing for accessibility and social inclusion

Ripple Effect Group

Over the weekend, James, Nhung and I spent 48 hours immersed in the world of design and disability as participants of the Enabled by Design-athon. Hosted at University of Technology Sydney, this event was the first of it’s kind in Australia, having run in the United States and the United Kingdom previously. The Ripple Effect Group has shared history with Enabled by Design, as our former Headshift team in London were involved with developing their first website – so it was great to support and be part of this design event here in Sydney.

We use concepts including design thinking, gamestorming, empathy mapping and persona development in our work with clients, and we were keen to understand how similar techniques could be applied to issues around accessibility and social inclusion.

Part of the success of the Enabled by Design-athon was due to the diversity of participants. The event…

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